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The Meriden Antique Engine and Threshers Association is a non-profit organization based in Meriden, Kansas. We were founded in 1977 to promote early farming practices and an appreciation for antique engines and tractors. We love to farm the old fashioned way! We want to pass on the techniques used in the past so we don't forget them. We also love to play with old tractors and old engines. And we want to pass that knowledge on as well. As a 501(c)(3) organization, your contributions are tax-deductible.

Upcoming Events

44th Annual Threshing Show
July 17-19, 2020
Tractor of the Year: Crawler Tractors & Industrial Equipment
Engine of the Year: Hercules

42nd Fall Festival and Swap Meet
September 26-27, 2020

Bloomfield Chili & Vegetable Soup Supper & Bazaar
November 7, 2020

MAETA Truck Show at Cottonwood Station
June 2021

45th Annual Threshing Show
July 16-18, 2021
Tractor of the Year: Minneapolis Moline
Engine of the Year: Stover

46th Annual Threshing Show
July 15-17, 2022
Tractor of the Year: John Deere
Engine of the Year: Waterloo

47th Annual Threshing Show
July 21-23, 2023
Tractor of the Year: International
Engine of the Year: McCormick

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2020 Meeting Schedule
fourth Sunday of each month except December at 7pm
January 26
February 23
March 22
April 26
May 24
June 28
July 26
August 23
October 4
October 25
November 22

Yolanda Dickinson is the editor of the newsletter. You can contact her with suggestions or to request a paper copy in the mail. .
2018 MAETA Newsletter
2017 MAETA Newsletter
2016 MAETA Newsletter
Please note: Due to scheduling conflicts, the date for the 2017 Summer Show is July 14, 15, 16. It is incorrect in the 2016 newsletter.
2015 MAETA Newsletter

Past Events
2019 Fall Festival Flyer
2019 Summer Show Flyer
2019 Cottonwood Station Truck Show
2018 Fall Show Flyer
2018 Summer Show Flyer
2017 Fall Festival Flyer
2017 Summer Show flyer
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2016 Summer Show flyer
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2009 Fall Festival flyer
2011 Fall Festival Photos
2011 Summer Show Photos
2010 Tractor Cruise Photos
2010 Kid's Day Photos
Highlights from 2010 Fall Show
Highlights from 2010 Summer Show
Highlights from 2009 Bloomfield Supper and Craft Bazaar
2009 Tractor Cruise Photos
2009 Kid's Day Photos
Highlights from 2009 Fall Show
Highlights from 2009 Summer Show

MAETA Facebook COVID-19 Update 5/17/2020

Good afternoon everyone, We wanted to take just a few moments of your day and update you on what’s been going on in our world in relationship to COVID-19 and how we are planning on approaching the situation as our show season is fast approaching.

First off, YOUR safety and health are our priority. Without everyone safe and healthy we can’t all enjoy each other’s company at our events. With that in mind, we (the officers) have had numerous conversations with the direction that this will go, most of which will be dictated by what we, as an Association, will be able to do. With that being said we have decided to postpone the Summer Tractor Show that was to be held in July until next year. We think it’s in everyone’s best interest to be safe rather than sorry. There were many factors that went into this decision. The first of which is the group numbers that we would be allowed to have. As of now, we haven’t reached the numbers allowed for fairs or festivals. At the rate that this opening is going we would be VERY lucky to be even remotely close to that being allowed by July. We know that many people have mixed emotions on this whole situation. We as an Association have to look out for our patrons and members FIRST. We don’t believe that everyone’s health and safety should be compromised so that we may have a show. As some of you that go to these shows regularly know many have postponed their shows until next year. We feel that not following suit and the local and State recommendations would be selfish on our part to say the least. Believe us when we say that this was a VERY hard decision to make, one that was not taken lightly.

We are keeping close watch on the situation in hopes to have a Fall Show this year. While not set in stone yet, we are contemplating the idea of a somewhat non-traditional Fall Show. We are thinking of possibly adding another day to what is normally a two-day event. With the extra day we are thinking of doing some of our Summer Show activities at the Fall Show, like threshing wheat, antique tractor and garden tractor pulls and possibly a barn dance as well as our normal Fall Show activities. Our plan in regard to the school children tours at the Fall Show will depend on if the kids are back in school in the Fall. If they are and we have the Fall Show, we will tour them on a Thursday instead of the normal Friday. At this time, again, this is purely a thought. Time and restrictions will dictate our remaining show season. IF we won’t be able to have the Fall Show or the Bloomfield Church Bazaar, we WILL still have the quilt drawing for all those who have purchased tickets. We feel this can still be done and if you would like to still purchase raffle tickets you can get ahold of one of the many members to do so. We have raffle tickets left. Again, neither of these two events have been postponed as of now. We hope to have a meeting with the members in some fashion sometime in late July or August, this will all depend on numbers and restrictions again.

In conclusion, keep an eye on our Facebook page for the latest news and updates. We will do our best to keep this as up to date as we can with ANY changes to what would be normal. Stay healthy, stay safe and we will hopefully see everyone VERY soon.

M.A.E.T.A. Officers
Jess Noll, Greg Coker, Kerril Bauerly, & Emily Petesch

The Truck Show has been postponed until June 2021!!!!

Summer Threshing Show scheduled for July 17-19, 2020 has been postponed!!!!

Featured Tractors are Crawlers and Industrial Equipment

Bloomfield 2019 Wrap-up:

Congratulations to Sherri Chapman, Berryton, who won the Barn Quilt!

The Topeka Capital Journal was at the Fall Festival on Sunday. Evert Nelson did a really nice job of covering us: Meriden Fall Festival and Swap Meet

See our Facebook page for other pictures and videos from the 2019 Threshing Show and Fall Festival!

See our Facebook page for pictures and videos from the 2018 Threshing Show and Fall Festival!

See our Facebook page for pictures and videos from the 2017 Threshing Show and Fall Festival!

Did you see the October 2017 issue of Farm Collector Magazine? We made the cover!!!!

Click on the picture to go the story.

Nicole on Farm Collector Cover

See our Facebook page for pictures and videos from the 2016 Threshing Show and Fall Festival!

Would you like to have your wedding or other party at our grounds? Please contact Jody Kirkwood at (785) 484-3713.


Our 2015 Summer Threshing Show was one of our biggest shows! The Fall Festival was terrific as well!

Our 2015 Tractor of the Year was Case. Please visit our Facebook page for pictures and details.
Copies of the Case panorama photo are $35 and may be purchased from Kevin Kirkwood at 785-220-9477.

2015 Truck and Antique Tractor Pull results:  Here

Our 2014 Summer Show and Fall Festival were both AWESOME!!!

We were thrilled to once again host the International Harvester Collectors. Please visit our Facebook page for pictures and details.
Copies of the IHC panorama photo are $35 and may be purchased from Kevin Kirkwood at 785-220-9477.

2013 Summer Show wrap-up:

Tractor Pull results

Please see our Facebook page for pictures.

Our 36th Annual Threshing and Antique Tractor Show (2012) was great fun!

Pictures are up on our Facebook page, check us out there to upload your pics from the show.

Learn how we cut and bind the wheat for our show!

Our 2011 Summer show was HOT but fun!

Here is some of the press we received:

In addition to the International Harvester Collector's hosting their meeting with us in July 2010, Ag Am in Kansas featured our summer show on their daily program.
View the July 28, 2010 program

View the June 7 segment.

Cottonwood Station
Chuck Wagon
Flour Mill
Hay Barn
Blacksmith Shop
Sims Garage
Livery Barn
Saw Mill
1863 Sorghum Press
General Store, Post Office & Print Shop
1854 Log Cabin
1895 Bloomfield Church
Welcome to Cottonwood Station, a reproduction living history of an early day Kansas town. Developed and maintained by the Meriden Antique Engine and Threshers Association (MAETA), established in 1977. Our purpose is to preserve, through living history, early farming techniques, the appreciation of antique engines, occupations and cultures in small towns and rural areas of early Kansas.

We are pleased to offer private tours of our grounds year-round. Please contact Merril Lovendahl at (785) 986-6469 for appointments and information.

If you would like to host an event on our grounds, please contact Jody Kirkwood at (785) 484-3713.

Meetings are at 7pm the 4th Sunday of every month (except December) in the General Store.

Please note: beginning in 2014, membership dues are going up to $20 for members age 12 and over.

If you are interested in membership, fill out our Membership Application and mail to: Meriden Threshers Association, 15034 Nemaha Road, Valley Falls, KS 66088.

The Meriden Antique Engine and Threshers Association is a non-profit entity under the 501(c)(3) statute.