Benedict Meyer Log Cabin
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Photo of Benedict Meyer Log Cabin
Benedict Meyer Log Cabin

The log cabin was built in 1854 by Benedict Meyer and his wife Regena. The cabin was built northeast of Valley Falls on land purchased at the Ozawkie land sales. A copy of the deed signed by James Buchanan hangs on the cabin wall.

The cabin is one room downstairs and one room upstairs. Benedict and his family lived in the cabin until his death in 1907. The cabin continued to be lived in until the early 1950's. Throughout the years there were additions and changes made to the cabin. The result was that the cabin looked more like a house than a cabin. In 1983, it was decided by the owner that it should be torn down. However, when they started to remove the siding, the cabin was discovered beneath the siding. The cabin was donated to the Association by the owner Don Flory. The logs were dismantled and numbered. It was then transported to the Association grounds and reassembled. It was completed in the spring of 1984.

The cabin is furnished with furniture and household articles similar to what the Meyer family may have used.

The Benedict Meyer Cabin was placed on the Register of Historic Kansas Places in 1986.

The cabin is open for tours during the Summer Threshing Show in July and the Fall Festival in September.

There are demonstrations of pioneer crafts during the shows. Some of these have included quilting, butter churning, soap making, and cooking apple butter over an open fire (during the fall show).

We welcome you and your family to step back in time with us and experience a few moments of what life was like in a more simple time.

Historic Places Registration Form for Meyer Cabin

Kansas Historical Society for Jefferson County

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