Bloomfield Church
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Please join us for church services at the Bloomfield Church on Sunday morning of each show weekend.

The Bloomfield Church was built in 1895 by the congregation of St. Paul Evangelical United Brethren Church. The original site was approximately 7 miles north of Meriden on Meriden Road just south of 134th Street in Jefferson County, Kansas. It was dedicated on February 2, 1896. At the time it was built, the cemetery behind the church was the only cemetery between Meriden and Valley Falls or Hoyt.

In 1943, The Bloomfield community purchased the building and cemetery ground from the United Brethren Conference for $300 in cash donations. It has served as a community building since then. It was moved to its present location at Cottonwood Station east of Meriden on July 16, 2003.

A large engraved stone slate has been erected on the former site of the church noting the original location.

Outside of church in 2006.

Since its arrival at Cottonwood Station, MAETA volunteers have been working to restore it. The vestibule and steeple, which had been removed due to termite and water damage, were rebuilt and a bell was donated.
Outside of church spring 2009.

The steeple was added in June of 2009 and the building was repainted.
Church interior 2006.

Refinished trim on the windows - finished in 2008

Church Service during 2009 Summer Show

We are seeking more information about the church. If you have any knowledge of our building or our community, please share it with us. We are especially interested in hearing more about the actual builder.